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Posted in Web Design with tags , , , on November 14, 2009 by micktay

After the success of the website I was approached by an eBay seller to create an online store to sell her cosmetics products without having to pay eBay commision.  I used Cube Cart again to create this site.

Screenshot of

Link and Screenshot of

The client wanted ‘Pink Girly’ colours and was extremely pleased with the end result.

The images for this site were produced using The GIMP rather than Photoshop which is what I would normally use, It is an amazingly powerful application for its small size of around 16mb. Definitely worth the download.


Redesign of

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The site had been lost by the owner (he didn’t renew his hosting and lost all of the files) so I had to quickly create a new store, upload all of his products and then customise it slightly. I’m quite pleased with the result and all of the back-end store system seems to be working fine.

A screenshot of

This is a screenshot of

This website is for a company that specialises in custom T-Shirt designs, they work the festival circuits providing a while you wait service but also have quite a lot of business coming in from the web, with orders sizes ranging from single unique pieces to runs in the hundreds.

I used a free PHP based cart software called CubeCart which seems to be quite popular and was quite easy to set up, I’ve had no problems customising it to meet my needs and the client is happy with the administrator section of the site. I will probably revisit this site in a short while and redesign the front end as it is still basically the same as the standard install.

The site is now Live.

Posted in Web Design with tags , , , on March 11, 2009 by micktay

I have just uploaded and redirected my latest site.

Screenshot of

Screenshot of

It is PHP based, using CSS for layout and I rather like it.  I went through quite a few designs before my boss settled on this one. I have also just finished developing

Which is a PHP application that is linked to a MySQL database, to be used by smaller traders and fitters to keep track of customer and job records. This online application was designed and created totally from scratch.

St Helens Roofing website using wordpress, based on the theme thematic

Posted in Web Design with tags , on January 16, 2009 by micktay

I’ve been developing this site for a few weeks, it is based on the excellent thematic theme developed by Ian Stewart.

Here is the link to the site


The page incorporates some extra stuff that I have developed, for example a random image header script, and also scripting to set the theme to 2 columns (rather than 3) when a page has no sub pages.

Windows Media Player “Now Listening To” rss functionality

Posted in Internet, Music, Web Design with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on June 6, 2008 by micktay

I really wanted to find a plugin or program that could automatically create an rss feed of the songs played in Windows Media Player. I wanted to add the feed to facebook and also to this wordpress blog.

I found Brandon Fullers WMP plugin that seemed to be what I was looking for, as it was specifically designed for blogging.

However after I had downloaded and installed, I found that it required you to use blogging software to post and only included the currently playing song in that particular post. It had a facebook application to go with it, which worked however this wasnt really what i was looking for. (It also uploaded Video file names too which I really didn’t want)

A quick search on the actual facebook applications pointed me to the site.
Finally just what I wanted:

  • Windows Media Player 11 support.
  • Real-time uploading of data.
  • Stores a list of past plays.
  • Includes Facebook app.
  • Provides an RSS feed.

As you can see in my sidebar the song title and artist is displayed, along with date played. The sign up was really fast, plus the plugins work for iTunes and winamp, however I didn’t test WinAmp as I don’t have it installed.

It also asked me if I wanted to upload my recent play history from my Media Library for both iTunes and WMP.

The website looks like it provides a lot more services than just what I was after, customized radio stations and song suggestions based on your play history.

pretty sweet if you ask me (especially for free!)

RSS feeds from various sources

Posted in Web Design with tags on May 21, 2008 by micktay

I really like RSS, however I didn’t want to use a stand-alone RSS reader, or even goto the trouble of subscribing to certain feeds using Firefox, to be honest I’ve not even looked into this. Adding the feeds directly into my blog seemed an ideal solution.

I’ve just set up a tumblr account and whilst setting it up I added a few feeds from my other blogs and also a feed to my YouTube videos. I’d done this before, specifically on this page, as you can see to the right. However I wanted to display my favourites from my YouTube account alongside the videos I had posted. I thought that YouTube would have a feed for this already however this was not the case.

After googling I found a few sites that host a PHP application that utilises YouTubes API. I used the first one that I came across however I’m sure the others work in a similar way. Here is a link to the site I’m using at the moment.

It was quite simple to use. /

Posted in Web Design on February 22, 2007 by micktay

Although I have designed many websites and pages over the years (and received some fairly nice rewards for the trouble) This site was really the first that required me to meet with a client discuss the needs of the site and really get to grips with the whole design process, It’s also the first time I have charged money for my services rather than the usual “get us a few beers in when you can” kind of payment. I was pleased with the whole project, as more importantly was the client.

Screenshot of

Screenshot of

If you would like to view the site then follow this…

As I say I am pretty happy with the way it turned out. It gave me a chance to put the CSS knowledge that I have been aquiring over the past year to some use, also highlighting any pitfalls that could occur during other projects.