Starting from a very early age I’ve always had an interest in computers. My primary school had an old BBC computer along with a collection of educational games that I used to love playing with. I had an Atari 2600 that introduced me to gaming for enjoyment rather than education, I also programed my first lines of code in BASIC using a Commodore Plus/4. which was my first real look at the power of the computer as a tool rather than a games machine.

Commadore Plus/4

I remember the exhilarating feeling when I heard the product of my coding being played through the speakers. My first encounter with a modern IBM type desktop PC was an old Amstrad 2086 that used DOS and had an extremely early version of Windows installed on it.

Amstrad 2086

I used that machine for games and also primary school homework, typing up my stories and essays. We eventually upgraded to a 386 PC and then began the process of upgrading, as new games and software came out.

Constantly upgrading PCs taught me a lot about how they are built, I can now quite easily build a complete system and have it up and running in no time (give or take a few problems…). My fascination for all things computer related continued throughout High School, spending some time in the computer room learning from fellow geeks and generally messing around with the systems much to the annoyance of the administrator (having spent some time working within an IT department for an educational establishment I now realise how difficult we made their job, I was only young at the time.) The Design Technology department at my High School had quite an advanced PC for graphics use, it was at this computer that my love for art as a digital medium was born.

At college I had my first chance to study computing academically, I thoroughly enjoyed the course and the basic coding principles that I learnt there have served me well, regardless of the constant changes in programming languages and ideologies. My first real programming package that I used (besides simple programs in BASIC) was Borland Delphi, which used the programming language PASCAL. For our final project we had the option of choosing Delphi (and developing a full stand alone piece of software) or creating a database in Access. I quickly chose Delphi as it allowed me more freedom to play with graphics, animation and really get to grips with the inner workings of my program. I included a database within the program however the added flexibility of building the software from scratch was a real bonus for me.

University changed my direction as far as programming and any career plans that I held. The boom of the Internet during the latter part of my High School years and access to high speed Internet during college had changed my “offline” perception of the computing world, I quickly realised that most innovations and new technologies would incorporate or even be totally on-line and that connectivity and interaction between users was the way forward. I had dabbled with simple HTML coding during college, creating simple pages with graphics created in Photoshop and image maps for links. However at University I began to look into functionality, aesthetics and usability in a whole different light. Learning how to use Flash and teaching myself Action-Script along with some Java-script and Java allowed me to incorporate these ideals into my designs. University also introduced me to the joys of 3DS Max. I instantly recognised that this was a program that I just had to learn, the shear number of things possible to design using the program are literally endless.

After University I did not want to fall behind with the new trends within the industry and as such I began to teach myself the art that is CSS. I had known about the use of CSS for a long time, however I had not fully understood just how powerful a tool it was, both for saving time and for creating beautiful looking sites. Although I do not consider myself a guru on the subject I now know enough to be able to handle most clients wishes.

So now you know a little about my education, here is a list of the things I find enjoyable now that I have so much spare time on my hands.

Website Design and Administration – I am currently working on a number of projects for various clients and also working on my on-line portfolio hopefully it will be available soon.
Flash – Although I rarely build a complete website using flash, I still like to keep Action-Script fresh in my mind, just in case I ever need it.
3D animation – Nothing really specific however at the moment I am enjoying playing with particle physics.
Digital Artwork – I create artwork using a Wacom Graphics Tablet along with Adobe Photoshop. Which can be viewed here… [link]
YouTube – I am amazed at the content on this site and have uploaded some of my own videos as a result. Which can be viewed here… [link]
DJing – I also enjoy DJing at Pubs and Clubs around the North West with two friends, we are known as Scumbag DJs and play mostly Rock, Metal, Punk, Hip-Hop, Funk, Rap and a selection of old Cheese.
Guitar – I taught myself to play and have been playing for around 7 years now.


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