Windows Media Player “Now Listening To” rss functionality

I really wanted to find a plugin or program that could automatically create an rss feed of the songs played in Windows Media Player. I wanted to add the feed to facebook and also to this wordpress blog.

I found Brandon Fullers WMP plugin that seemed to be what I was looking for, as it was specifically designed for blogging.

However after I had downloaded and installed, I found that it required you to use blogging software to post and only included the currently playing song in that particular post. It had a facebook application to go with it, which worked however this wasnt really what i was looking for. (It also uploaded Video file names too which I really didn’t want)

A quick search on the actual facebook applications pointed me to the site.
Finally just what I wanted:

  • Windows Media Player 11 support.
  • Real-time uploading of data.
  • Stores a list of past plays.
  • Includes Facebook app.
  • Provides an RSS feed.

As you can see in my sidebar the song title and artist is displayed, along with date played. The sign up was really fast, plus the plugins work for iTunes and winamp, however I didn’t test WinAmp as I don’t have it installed.

It also asked me if I wanted to upload my recent play history from my Media Library for both iTunes and WMP.

The website looks like it provides a lot more services than just what I was after, customized radio stations and song suggestions based on your play history.

pretty sweet if you ask me (especially for free!)


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