RSS feeds from various sources

I really like RSS, however I didn’t want to use a stand-alone RSS reader, or even goto the trouble of subscribing to certain feeds using Firefox, to be honest I’ve not even looked into this. Adding the feeds directly into my blog seemed an ideal solution.

I’ve just set up a tumblr account and whilst setting it up I added a few feeds from my other blogs and also a feed to my YouTube videos. I’d done this before, specifically on this page, as you can see to the right. However I wanted to display my favourites from my YouTube account alongside the videos I had posted. I thought that YouTube would have a feed for this already however this was not the case.

After googling I found a few sites that host a PHP application that utilises YouTubes API. I used the first one that I came across however I’m sure the others work in a similar way. Here is a link to the site I’m using at the moment.

It was quite simple to use.


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