Nooooo…. My computer has died…..

Yes after 7 yrs my motherboard has finally given up.

(Thats right, 7 YRS!)

This of course means that even though I upgraded most of the components last year I will now have to scrap almost all of the parts in order to rebuild.

I am now contemplating what to do with myself, I’m currently using a borrowed laptop at the moment, however it’s just not the same.

  • All my programs are missing. (Photoshop,3DS Max, Flash, SoundForge, EVEN Counterstrike *weeps*)
  • The ‘stuff’ that I didn’t copy over to my new FreeAgentPro(500gb) External Hard Drive (which looks damn sweet IMHO) is still languishing in the useless case that I used to call a computer.
  • I cannot use this laptop ‘willy-nilly’ whenever the inspiration grabs me.(as it is not my own)
  • I’m not even allowed to play around with any of the settings
  • It’s awfully slow….

In short I need to get me something new, on the positive side, I have enjoyed the freedom of the laptop. I am currently sat downstairs, able watching T.V. as I type, the proximity of the kitchen is also a bonus.

A laptop is looking like the best solution to my current problems, what to go for though.


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