CounterStrike 1.6 Gun Game

Started seeing more and more servers utilising this mod, I’ve never seen it before this month. You basically have to work your way up through a list of guns, each requiring a certain amount of kills (dependent on the server) most times the last two weapons are the HE grenade and then the Knife, once a player reaches the HE grenade then friendly fire is turned on…

Counter Strike

It’s a really good mod once you get used to it, after every kill you get an auto reload minus a few bullets so kills in quick succession are easily made. It really increases your ability to use a wide range of weapons too, for example if you are in a match and you’ve gone “eco” then you pick up a shotgun or a sub-machine gun then you are more likely to be able to use the weapon effectively as at least you’ve had a little practice aiming with it.

GunGame mod is a natural extension to the Death-Match servers… Go on them if you ever see it in the server list.


2 Responses to “CounterStrike 1.6 Gun Game”

  1. how can i get IP adress for CS 1.6 GunGame

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