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After the success of the website I was approached by an eBay seller to create an online store to sell her cosmetics products without having to pay eBay commision.  I used Cube Cart again to create this site.

Screenshot of

Link and Screenshot of

The client wanted ‘Pink Girly’ colours and was extremely pleased with the end result.

The images for this site were produced using The GIMP rather than Photoshop which is what I would normally use, It is an amazingly powerful application for its small size of around 16mb. Definitely worth the download.


Redesign of

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The site had been lost by the owner (he didn’t renew his hosting and lost all of the files) so I had to quickly create a new store, upload all of his products and then customise it slightly. I’m quite pleased with the result and all of the back-end store system seems to be working fine.

A screenshot of

This is a screenshot of

This website is for a company that specialises in custom T-Shirt designs, they work the festival circuits providing a while you wait service but also have quite a lot of business coming in from the web, with orders sizes ranging from single unique pieces to runs in the hundreds.

I used a free PHP based cart software called CubeCart which seems to be quite popular and was quite easy to set up, I’ve had no problems customising it to meet my needs and the client is happy with the administrator section of the site. I will probably revisit this site in a short while and redesign the front end as it is still basically the same as the standard install.

The site is now Live.

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I have just uploaded and redirected my latest site.

Screenshot of

Screenshot of

It is PHP based, using CSS for layout and I rather like it.  I went through quite a few designs before my boss settled on this one. I have also just finished developing

Which is a PHP application that is linked to a MySQL database, to be used by smaller traders and fitters to keep track of customer and job records. This online application was designed and created totally from scratch.

Microsoft Word Images with white background printing with grey background

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I recently added an image file that I had just created to a word document, everything looked fine on screen, however when printed the image in question showed with a light grey background instead of the white background that I knew was supposed to be printed.

A quick search on google turned up results that suggested saving to:

  • .gif
  • .jpg or .jpeg
  • .tif or .tiff

Rather than .png or .bmp however my image was already saved as a .jpg file.

After much frustration and further ‘googling’ I found this article that solved the problem in question. All that was needed was to change the color mode from


Simple as that, apparently word needs the RGB format to display correctly.

St Helens Roofing website using wordpress, based on the theme thematic

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I’ve been developing this site for a few weeks, it is based on the excellent thematic theme developed by Ian Stewart.

Here is the link to the site


The page incorporates some extra stuff that I have developed, for example a random image header script, and also scripting to set the theme to 2 columns (rather than 3) when a page has no sub pages.

AgeProject interesting web research application

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I stumbledUpon a neat website where you can upload a photo and then kinda like users have to guess what age they think the person in the picture is.

I’ve uploaded this picture to the site

Me In a Shirt

Here is a link to the page where you can guess my age.

*edit* I can’t believe I used the word NEAT, haha.

Scumbag DJs

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Me and two of my friends (Grimey + Barton)have a DJ set at the Tudor House hotel on the first and third of every month.

I’ve just set up a worpress blog for the SCUMBAGS with a simple theme and custom header.

Now I’ve just got to convince the others to sign up-to wordpress and start blogging regularly.